So here we are, coming to the end of what has felt like an entire decade squashed into one month. Slight exaggeration… But depending on what you’ve set out to achieve, maybe it has felt like a long, slow start to the year and that’s ok!
Or maybe you’re flying through it. Which in that case…

Well done! Keep going!

Do you remember…

At the beginning of the year we asked you to share your 2020 intentions with us to help make you accountable, and to offer our support inspiring actions and helping you grow towards achieving your goals!
So, how are you getting on?

It seems as though there’s huge amounts of pressure at the beginning of the year to make changes, be a better version of ourselves, or to achieve a number of things all at once…

But it’s not as easy as setting a goal and successfully achieving it straight off the bat, which is what we sometimes expect, and too often we’re left feeling disheartened when we don’t make a quick progression.

Achievement is a process and it takes time. Every tiny action we take towards achieving our goals makes a huge difference – we just have to trust time and be patient with ourselves.

So, If you’re not quite on track with what you set out to do this January, then don’t worry. Start again, use what you have, and do what you can!

Another Day, Another Chance

Lets see what February brings and we’ll check in again at the end of next month!

Peace & Love