We all know what it feels like when the days get so busy they all start rolling into one, it’s one of those non-stop weeks where you go from one job to the next and just can’t find the time to eat, sleep or squeeze in going to your favourite yoga class.  As much as we all need to slow down and free up more time for ourselves, sometimes it’s just not possible. Until teleporting is invented, the kids always need to be picked up from school, chores need to be completed, and work (unfortunately) cannot be skipped.  So how can we give ourselves the time we deserve so we don’t get burnt out?  

Try a Yoga practice at home!

It doesn’t have to be a full hour Vinyasa flow sequence finishing standing on your head, it can be a quick ten minutes while your waiting for the kettle to boil, or a morning meditation when you get out of bed in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up and chaos begins.  Pausing in your day to take a couple of mindful breaths goes a long way. Use the time you have, and use the space you have.

Create a Space for YOU

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big free open space in your house, is there a quiet corner in your living room where you can pop your mat down and light some candles?  It’s nice to create a small area in your home that feels cosy and relaxing where you can retreat to practice. You can try adding cushions, candles, incense or an essential oil diffuser to create a relaxed mood and soothing scents.  If this is still too much of a fuss for your hectic day, thats the great thing about yoga you can do it anywhere your mat fits! If it’s sunny, why not get out into the fresh air and practice in the garden! Or pop your headphones in whilst your on the school run and listen to an uplifting podcast or meditation.  

If your not confident with making up a practice or sequence on your own, and cant remember any you’ve learnt in class, there is an abundance of free tutorials on youtube that you can watch and follow along on. Find an instructor whose class and teachings resonate with you and follow along on their online classes. Or try downloading a free app you can use there’s loads to choose from!  Here are my top 3 Yoga and Mindfulness Apps that I recommend for setting up a home practice.

Downdog (free)

Downdog is a great app for practice at home.  You can select what type of session you want to do from a full Vinyasa to a Restorative Yin session.  How long you want your session to be, starting from 12 minutes up to an hour and a half. You can select what level class you want suited to your ability, from Beginners all the way through to Advanced.  It has full video instruction and a guided voiceover so you can follow along with or without watching. It’s a great one to use at home as you can make it work for you, and every session it gives you includes different postures, music and guidance.  

Insight Timer (free)

Insight Timer is an app with thousands of free guided meditations.  You can select a theme to meditate on whether it be anxiety, better sleep, boosting self esteem or practicing mindfulness at work.  You can do as little as a 5 minute session all the way up to over an hour. So you can relax, bed in and choose what you need.


Calm is one of the most popular meditation apps on the market with beautiful breathing exercises, sleep stories and soundscapes.  So even if you are on the go you can pop your headphones in and get a little bit of peace whether your at the office or walking the dog.  You can listen to the soothing sounds of ocean waves lapping on the shore, the sound of rainfall falling through forest leaves or gentle music that soothes and calms the soul.

We hope this article inspires you into finding a place and a time in your day to dedicate that little bit of time to yourself no matter when or where it is! Happy Practicing!