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Have you managed to catch one of our Trapeze Yoga classes at The Studio yet? Well good news, Nina is back with her weekly class 11:00-12:00 every Wednesday!

We’ve had such a great time seeing everyone progressing, trying something new and most importantly having the most FUN! Whether you come alone or bring a friend, Trapeze yoga is sure to get you flying & giggling in no time. Trapeze is suitable for all levels including beginners and is led by our fantastic teacher Nina who will get you feeling confident hanging upside down and building strength through the different postures.

Why Trapeze?

Trapeze has many benefits including:

– Increased Flexibility and Mobility
– Improved Blood Pressure
– Pain release for Scoliosis and Back Pain
– Building overall body strength

So if you fancy joining us for a class you can book on by:
Emailing us at
DM us on Instagram at @thestudiocheshire
Online at
Call us on 01625 861179
Or by downloading The Studio Cheshire App

We hope to see you in the air soon!

This Thursday 18th July from 7am-12pm, we have Lululemon dropping by with a pop up shop to restock on all your favourite yoga gear, with a wide range of products to choose from, discounts and a few little treats thrown in you don’t want to miss it!

We are running Hot Yoga classes all morning at The Studio, or you can shop till you drop, and hang out with us in our Cafe and Wellness space.  There will be Coffee, Teas, Juices, Smoothies and Snacks available to purchase, so you can sit back and relax. Or if your ready to break in that new sports bra purchase, grab a mat and join us for a heated class!

The Morning Class Schedule is as follows:
6:30-7:30am – Hot Flow
With Ryan
9:30-10:30 – Funky Beats Yoga
With Ryan
10:30-11:30 – Hot Flow
With Jane

Drop in classes are £15, or if its your first ever visit to The Studio, your first class is completely free, so you can go wild and buy that extra pair of leggings you wanted.

Join Ryan for back to back classes

We hope to see you there!

The Studio Team

Community, (noun).

1.     A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

2.     The condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.

We all know the endless benefits yoga has on our bodies and our minds, and how it helps us to be better within ourselves as an individual.   But what about the effects it has on bringing people together as a community?

As we get older it’s hard to juggle all the tasks we have to cram into our busy schedules.  We have to work long hours and spend time commuting back and forth. We balance spending time with family and friends in our free time, perhaps looking after children or partners.  We take our role as mother, father, grandparents, sister, cousin, friend very seriously. We juggle hobbies and self-care, usually pushing these towards the back of our schedules, even though these are things that bring us the most joy.  It can get a little frazzling, to feel like you’re the only one struggling to manage to keep everything and everyone in order. Yoga creates a space for us to escape our life roles, what defines us outside of the studio, and the thoughts that race through our minds all day. It brings us peace of mind, to feel safe and unjudged, around people who are all in the same boat. 

We want a little peace and quiet away from our home life, or we need to unwind after a stressful day at the office, or we use it as a chance to catch up with our friends.  Coming to a yoga class, creates a common ground with the person sitting next to you on the mat, even if you don’t know them. We might not all be in class for the exact same reason (most of us are here for savasana though right?), but we come because it brings us closer to ourselves and each other.  It brings together people of different backgrounds, ages, shapes, sizes, genders and interests to all share the same experience, raising our energy creates positive energy and real connections with others.

This is our yoga community. 

Here at the studio we try to create an environment which focuses on bringing people together from the surrounding towns Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Macclesfield and further afield.  It creates an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and feel at home in our space. Creating change in our smaller communities connects us together to change our bigger community for the better with more awareness of ourselves and each other.  Whether you are new to the area or lived round here for years, we hope you feel a sense of community especially within our studio.


Water is just water right? It’s all the same, or is it?

You may of heard a bit about Alkaline Water and wondered whats so special about it and how it can possibly be any different from tap water. So heres a bit of the science and facts behind our water available at The Studio!

Did you know our bodies have their own PH scale?  Running from 0-14 (0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most Alkaline.)  Our PH levels should be kept at approximately 7, to transport oxygen around the body and maintain good health.  The problem in this modern day, is that our diets are heavily Acidic from eating a lot of processed “junk” food, so our scales are tipping away from the Alkaline side meaning the blood is too acidic, the body is removing the acidic waste through the cells, which become too acidic and die.  Most illnesses thrive in Acidic environments so keeping a diet rich in Alkaline food is key for maintaining long term health.

Some foods that are Alkaline rich are;

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Spirulina
  • Lemon
  • Sprouts
  • Celery

But the easiest way to increase your Alkaline levels is simply by changing your water!  Alkaline water has many proven benefits such as;

  • Helping with digestion
  • Carrying nutrients to cells
  • Flushing out toxins
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Hydrating 
  • Reduces inflammation within the body
  • Restores PH balance 
  • Mineral rich (higher concentrations of calcium, magnesium and potassium)
  • Energising 

Tap water is commonly contimated with chemicals such as chloroform, pesticides and waterborne pathogens that end up in our water pipes, these can be harmful even in small doses. At the studio we have bottled Alkaline Water from our Kangen machine which filters and ionizes the water as it pumps through the system. Set at a PH level of 9.5 perfect for keeping the body at maximum hydration after a heated yoga class!  Hydration is key for preventing fatigue and headaches after exercise, water lost through sweating needs to be replaced frequently.  The body is 70% water so we should be making sure we are putting the best quality water into our system. 

Happy Hydrating!

If you need a bit of a reboot to kickstart this summer, why not give our juice cleanse a try? It’s a great way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your lifestyle if you struggle to fit in your 5 a day.  If your feeling a bit sluggish and struggle with common colds or digestive issues, or if you want to use it to support the aid of weight loss. The cleanse will consist of 9 Juices, 3 Shots and 6 bottles of Alkaline for a 3 day cleanse.  Each day you will have 3 Juices, 1 Shot and 2 Alkaline Waters. The cost of a cleanse is £50 for the Full Flow package.  

The Juices and their Benefits


Glow is your green juice.  Made of Cucumber, Seasonal Greens, Lemon and Ginger.  It will help to revive and hydrate your skin, works as an antioxidant and helps promote healthy digestion.  Cucumber is low in calories but high in important vitamins and minerals to keep the body working at its best.

Feel Good

Feel Good is your orange juice.  Made of Apple, Carrot, Lemon and Ginger.  It is an anti inflammatory and immune boosting hit.  A good one if you find yourself getting ill often, it will give you the nutrient boost you need.  Carrots are known for providing Vitamin K1, Potassium and antioxidants. Linked to lowering cholesterol levels and of course improving eye health.


Mighty is your red juice.  Made of Apple, Cucumber, Ginger, Beetroot and Lemon.  This juice is an anti inflammatory, cleansing power juice full of Vitamin C.  Beetroot contains pigments known to help lower blood pressure and improve athletic performance, perfect to set you up for your Yoga class.

Ginger Shot

Your shot to awaken your senses and kick start your day.  Made from fiery ginger, lemon and apple, it will help you to feel awakened and energised.  Ginger can also help reduce muscle pain, soreness and to also combat feelings of sickness.  A great anti inflammatory, immune boosting start to your day.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water helps to balance out the bodies natural PH Scale, for our body to work at its best we should be around a neutral 7 on the PH Scale, however due to modern day diets of processed quick to eat foods, our levels are leaning more towards the acidic side.  Alkaline water will help to keep you hydrated and help to neutralise and bring balance and harmony back to the body. Water is great for flushing toxins out of the body, keeping skin and hair healthy.

A Day in the Life..

Here is an example schedule of how a typical juice cleanse day would work.

7:30am – Ginger Shot

7:45am – Water

8:00am – Breakfast

9:00am – Water

10:00am – Glow Juice

11:00am – Water

12:30pm – Lunch

1:00pm – Water

2:00pm – Feel Good Juice

3:00pm – Water

5:00pm – Mighty Juice

6:30pm – Dinner 

7:00pm – Water

This is just an example timetable, the great thing about a Juice Cleanse is that you can make it work to fit around you. We recommend drinking the water at constant intervals throughout the day to keep the body at maximum hydration, keep one with you on your desk at work or in your car when you are driving.

If you are interested in doing one of our Juice Cleanses, please contact us on or enquire at Reception to place your order!

Happy Cleansing!


So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to sign up for your first heated yoga class.  You’ve heard how good it is for you, but you have questions, so many questions! Here is our guide on everything you need to know before your first Hot Yoga class, so you know what to expect and can feel confident when you arrive.  Remember everyone has to start somewhere and we were all beginners once. Yoga is a journey.

Why is Hot Yoga better than Non Heated Yoga?

As much as the yoga practice is about the physical postures and movement, it is as much about the mind.  The heat provides another distraction to try and pull the brain away from the peace you are searching for in a yoga class.  You might find your mind telling you ‘it’s too hot’, or ‘it’s too hard’. These are the thoughts we let pass, as heat is just another sensation, we don’t need to focus in on it.  The extra benefits the heat provides include increasing flexibility, as the extra warmth makes it easier for the muscles to lengthen and stretch. The body has to work harder to pump blood around the body to reach the surface of the skin to keep you cool, increasing heart rate and providing more of a cardio workout than a regular yoga class.  Increased heart rate also means more calories are being burned if you are interested in yoga as a healthy way to lose weight. Producing more sweat from the body will also help the body to cleanse itself of toxins as you sweat them out through your pores of your skin.

How hot is hot?

Our studio is set to heat up to a lovely and toasty 35.5 degrees by our boiler system and that heat is maintained throughout class, so if it feels like its getting hotter, it’s not but your body is!

What happens if I get too hot or just need to rest for a minute?

If you aren’t used to a heated yoga practice it can take a couple of sessions for your body to get used to the heat.  This is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Yoga is about feeling connected with your breath, so if you lose control of your breathing you have lost control of your practice.  If you need to take a moment during class you can drop onto your knees into a restorative Child’s Pose at any time. Drop your knees to the edge of the mat with your toes together, stretch your arms forward above your head and rest your forehead onto the ground.  This will give you chance to reconnect and slow the breath and heart rate down, you can join back in with the practice whenever you are ready.

What do I need to bring with me?

We recommend bringing a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated throughout the class, our mats are non slip but feel free to bring a towel to pop on top of the mat or to wipe yourself down.  Wear comfy clothing that you can move freely in such as leggings and sports bras or shorts and t-shirts. Other than that, all you need is yourself and a smile! We have lots of things available at The Studio if there’s anything you forget.  We stock a range of waters, juices, smoothies, teas and coffees for sit in or to grab and go after you’ve finished your class. We have towels to rent if you forget yours, and showers with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and even a hairdryer if you need to shoot off somewhere straight from class.  We provide mats, blocks and straps in the studio so you don’t need to bring any of your own equipment unless you want to!

I’ve never done Yoga before will i be okay?

YES!  All our lovely instructors are trained to teach different levels of abilities within the class, they will be on hand to demonstrate postures for you to copy, provide adjustments to make sure you are in the correct position, and offer variations if a posture is too easy or too difficult.  Always take the variation that suits you and your body, and what feels best for you in that moment, dont push yourself into a harder posture if it compromises what the move is trying to promote, eg. an open heart.

Anything else I need to know?

Yoga is FUN!  Above all else you should enjoy yourself!  No judgement, take each practice as it comes and allow it to be a journey, no expectancies of yourself or others.


Starting your summer feeling a bit sluggish?  Struggle with feelings of bloatedness and discomfort? Why not join us this Sunday 16th June for an energising Yoga Detox class led by our amazing teacher Ryan.  Designed to get your body moving internally and externally, you will feel cleansed inside and out and leave the class refreshed and rejuvenated ready to face a new week ahead!

Sounds good, but how does yoga cleanse my body?

The class will involve a series of twists and rotations performed in a specific order, designed to detoxify the body by creating movement within the digestive tract to encourage the movement of waste passing through more efficiently.  Yoga is a natural and safe way to cleanse the internal body, no crazy diets or doctors’ appointments! Combining the sequence of twisted postures with breathing techniques and other yoga postures you will get everything from your normal yoga practice and more.  Ryan is an excellent teacher, and the class is suitable for any level from beginner to advanced yogi, Ryan will provide variations for different abilities, and adjustments and corrections within the postures so everyone will get the maximum benefit from the class. 

Expect some treats!

Also provided within the class will be an Activated Charcoal drink.  Charcoal has a porous texture which causes it to attract toxins and gases and trap them.  It helps aid and maintain good kidney function through absorbing the undigested toxins from the gut and removing them, preventing them from being absorbed into the bloodstream and transported around the body.  Finally, a shot that’s good for us, now that’s something to celebrate!

We will also be providing a fiery Lemon and Ginger shot to detoxify the organs, boost metabolism and immunity and promote anti-inflammatory properties in the body.  Lemon and Ginger help aid with healthy circulation throughout the body key for anyone who struggles with poor circulation.  It will definitely kick start your taste buds!

Okay I’m coming!  How can I book?

The class will be held at The Studio, this Sunday 16th June from 10 – 11:30am. 

You can book HERE

Drop us an email at

Hurry and book your place its filling up fast!

Which way is up?

Blogs have quotes right? The serious ones… ‘Sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to look at the world upside down in order to see things right.’ Or ‘When life turns you upside down, simply just adjust your view to a different perspective, or some slightly silly(er) ones… ‘MOM is WOW turned upside down’ or one I’m quite familiar with ‘turn that frown upside down’ – not that I don’t smile because I definitely do, some would say a resting female dog face is more accurate.

Once somebody said to me that ‘you never come down from a hand stand unhappy because being upside down makes you happy’. I agree, being an avid hand stander myself, I don’t recall a time when a handstand made me unhappy, apart from the fact I fail to hold one for longer than a few seconds but anyway… There’s a reason for this euphoric feeling and it’s not because it’s simply unusual and exciting to be upside down seeing things from a different perspective, but because the increased blood flow to your brain has both an energising and calming effect. And not to mention the wonders it can do for our backs. Everything on this planet fights a constant battle with gravity, which is often lost because let’s face it gravity is a BEAST.  Inverting, whether it be a handstand, headstand, or hanging off the end of your bed allows the spine to decompress and the spinal fluid to circulate which elongates the spine improving the health and flexibility of the vertebral column. Interesting right? Now imagine allowing yourself to hang upside down but not have to put in the gruelling effort of balancing on your head, hands, or worry about falling asleep whilst draped off of your comfy bed… You don’t have to imagine, at The Studio we have exactly that! And it’s called Trapeze Yoga!

The fabulous Nina Jones is teaching Trapeze yoga every Saturday until the 13th July! The first one got off to a flying start with double numbers turning up to ready, steady, fly! You’re probably wondering why this blog bangs on about being upside down so much but that’s all you guys really talked about, commenting on how you were reluctant to go upside down at first but after that there was no stopping you. And another staying behind after class to practice the sequence into a version of ‘Inverted Star’ mainly to get that golden insta pic, but hey nobody is judging. However, it’s not all just fun and games, ok it mostly is… others expressed how their first trapeze class delivered the perfect mixture of things from a fabulous core and upper body workout with pain lingering in days to follow, I think they mean the good pain though, we promise… to a soothing swinging relaxation to finish.

So, if we’ve learnt anything in the last minute, the key to winning the fight against gravity and a happier life is to live it upside down.


Did you see our article in the MEN?

We had a fantastic class on Sunday lead by Natalia. Rachel Lugo and Christine McGuinness from the Real Houseweives of Cheshire and Jess Cunningham from the Apprentice, joined us for a 90 minute Yin Yang fusion class.

Take a look at what the MEN wrote about the upcoming series of The Real Housewives of Cheshire and how much they love coming to hot yoga at The Studio

Through over twenty five years of regular practice (clearly I was an embryo when I began??!) I now know that Yoga is not a practice to improve myself but a practice in being myself. Consider what ‘HOME’ means to you……comfort, security, warmth, safety, joy? On the flip side, ‘HOME’ to you may resonate with less comfortable emotions, family feuds, judgement, expectations, sadness. Beyond the physical benefits (more on this in a minute…) Yoga gives me the skills to process difficult emotions, to maintain a sense of balance and to know when to accept and surrender to situations beyond my control. And it is a PRACTICE……not a miracle quick fix cure though not necessarily time consuming (simple pranayama… breathing exercises can take 5 minutes a day.)

So, you are curious about attending a Yoga class? Inspired by Instagram images, Celebrity ravings, the girl you work with who seems to float? Perhaps your Doctor, friends, loved ones have suggested Yoga as a way to manage stress? And when I tell people I am a Yoga Teacher, I am often met with a similar response…..

‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to try Yoga but I’m……………………………………….. (not bendy, too stressed, intimidated, too thin, too fat, ‘too weak, too muscly, too old, too young etc) and the reality is that I have not met anybody who would not benefit from some form of Yoga practice.


The practices we understand as Yoga were first developed in India around 5000 years ago (pre ‘Sweaty Betty’ and ‘Lululemon’!) The wise men of the time, Rishis (Seers) aimed to develop a methodology that used the breath and body to quieten the mind. We often blame modern life choices for feelings of stress, anxiety and monkey mind (and there’s no denying that the modern world has heightened these feelings) and look outside of ourselves for solutions. The Rishis identified that as humans we already possess the ability to heal ourselves. 

‘Yoga is the resolution of the agitations of the mind’

(Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra…….aka the Bible of yoga)


Yoga is a Sanskrit (An Ancient Indian language) word that roughly means ‘to unite’.

 In my yoga practice, and in my teaching, I aim to create a united balance of a physical practical of yoga asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation (the quietening of the mind…….and trust me, mine can be VERY loud!).

In a group class, your practice will be led by a teacher who will combine demonstration with oral instruction. Teachers are trained to offer adjustments (if you are comfortable with this) to support your alignment or help you to move deeper into a pose.

You will be guided to use your breath when moving through the poses.

You will practice on a mat with bare feet and in clothes that allow you to move freely whilst allowing your teacher to see the outlines of you body…….this helps her to check the alignment of your poses to keep you safe from injury.

Despite some teachings to the contrary, this is not a spectator sport… should aim to practice in a way that feels comfortable physically and emotionally. Too often, I have seen students pushing themselves beyond their physical limitations on that day with the aim of achieving an extreme version of a pose…..this usually will result in you feeling disheartened, or injured. When aiming to deepen a practice your teacher should guide you step by step and should advise when you are ready for the next steps or not.

Hatha Yoga is really an umbrella term to describe the physical practice of yoga. Therefore when going to a yoga class in the Western World, you will be expecting a physical yoga practice. There are many branches of asana yoga practice (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Iyengar, Anusara…..) and it is worth trying a few to see which resonates with your needs. In an ideal world, it may even be worth combining more than one style …………… (more on this in a future blog!)













WELCOME HOME………..And I look forward to meeting you on a mat soon!

Helen xx