Our aim is to build a community of wonderful like minded people who want to connect with themselves and others.

All of our teachers have been carefully chosen and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles.

We encourage you to try classes with all of them and find teachers that bring out the best in you and your practice.

Expect a warm welcome, beautiful space and heart-opening yoga!

Yoga Sculpt

Tone the body and restore the mind with this dynamic evening practice.

The Yoga Break

Take some time for you on your lunch break.  Flow class designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body whilst getting that blood pumping!

Sunrise Salute

Salute the sun and project that energy back to yourself with this uplifting morning practice.

Rise & Shine Flow

Invigorating, energetic morning flow to wake you up and clear the mind.

Rejuvinate & Restore

A class designed to get your body moving and flowing.  Clear the mind and reconnect with your soul.

Move & Meditate

A dynamic evening class to get you in that feel good mood.  Work the body, calm the mind.


Kickstart your day with this morning flow class designed to boost energy levels, and start your day in a positive way!

Hips & Hamstrings

A slow restorative class to lengthen the muscles, and work on opening the body.

Feel Good Flow

A strengthening practice to create the mind body connection, flowing with movement and breath.

Desk Therapy

Unwind after a day in the office with this heart opening practice.  Release tension, relax the shoulders and improve posture.

Awaken Power

Energising morning class to lift your mood, move the body and calm the mind.